How to help your child with the results from weighted assessments?

By Ms Koh

After four months of hard work in 2022, are students seeing the fruits of their labour? While some students celebrate small successes, for some, results do not always turn out as expected. As parents, what can we do to help our children deal with their disappointment from the results of their weighted assessments?


1. Find out the topics that your child is weak in

It’s fine to celebrate success, but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” – Bill Gates

As much as hard work and perseverance is important, the preparation strategy also plays a huge part in scoring in examinations. To know thyself and know thy enemy is the first step. Therefore, you can first identify the topics and areas that your child is weak in by looking closely at the mistakes made during the exam, and by speaking to your child to understand their perspective.


2. Work hand-in-hand with the teacher or tutor

Once you have identified the topics, provide this feedback to your child’s teacher or tutor. At Learning Sphere Education Centre, we believe that it is only with the team effort of the parent, child and teacher that we can achieve the intended results. We encourage parents to communicate the student’s weaknesses with our teachers, so that our teachers can then work with the student to formulate a study strategy, and at the same time provide feedback to parents so that they can reinforce the learning at home as well. 


3 Tackle the weaknesses while setting reasonable expectations

Now that we have the strategy in place, the hard work starts again. Targets must be set but they should be reasonable. For instance, it may be overly optimistic to expect a child who has been failing English for years to ace the English examinations after attending a month of classes. Having unrealistic expectations may work against building the child’s confidence in the subject. 


We are still months away from the final examinations and it is definitely not too late to strategise or seek help. Our team at Learning Sphere Education Centre will be happy to play a part in helping your child achieve his or her potential. Click here to know more about our lessons today!

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