How to help your child maximise the value of this June holiday?

By Ms Koh

School’s out, fun’s in! With the travel restrictions relaxed, some of us may be considering a short trip overseas or staycation options to let our hair down. While it is definitely important to take a break, we believe that the value of this holiday can be maximised if we plan well.

1. Plan your work and play

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

It can be tempting to Netflix and chill during the holidays, but you wouldn’t want to be rushing through assignments and homework the night before school reopens. Therefore, it is important to encourage your child to plan a study timetable and include elements of work and play. Click here for a template that you can use for your child’s June Holidays weekly planning! Make sure to check in regularly with your child to ensure that the plans are on track, and make minor adjustments to the schedule if need be.


2. Seek help for subjects that your child is weak in

Yes, we are halfway through the year, but that doesn’t mean that all is lost. In our experience working with students, we often see parents come to us too late in the academic year. Every moment counts, so if you sense that your child does need help, do seek help early and make use of the June holidays where their schedules are more flexible to catch up with some of the work.


3. Set aside time for meaningful learning activities

In the timetable, do set aside time for meaningful activities that can also act as a motivation for reaching milestones in your child’s revision. One way is to include activities that reinforce what was taught at school, while achieving the objectives of parent-child bonding. A trip to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve can enhance appreciation of life cycles and biodiversity, while burning some calories and enjoying fresh air. Teachable moments are everywhere – it is up to you to discover them and help your child see it!

One month of break can pass in a flash, so we hope you can maximise the value of this much-deserved holiday. Download the timetable now and start planning your activities!

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