5 Characteristics of a Successful Student

By Ms Beverley Benita Yeo



‘Am I a good student?’ ‘How do I become a good student?’ I’m sure many of us have asked ourselves these questions before, desperately trying to find out some clues as to how we are able to one day reach the pinnacle of our student career. (I know I have.) 


Though the journey will be difficult and treacherous, it is incredibly fulfilling when you see yourself making progress, knowing that you are one step closer to your desired goal. 


So, what are some habits of a good student?



1. Ability to Accept Failure 


Learning to accept that failure is a part of life determines your maturity as a student. Knowing that by failing, you are now one step closer to success allows you to be free from the shackles of fear that you may fall down. Because of this mindset, good students typically are not afraid to make mistakes, as they know that making mistakes will eventually lead them to success. 


2. Self Disciplined

‘If you don’t conquer self, you will be conquered by self’. Being able to be disciplined is one of the most important traits a student can possess because it allows you to have structure as well as confidence in your planning. Good students possess this trust that they will be able to complete the task they planned ahead and so they are able to focus on the task in front of them, hence giving them space for full concentration. 


3. Confident

Good students speak with confidence and listen humbly. This allows them to articulate their thoughts in a precise manner while at the same time giving their audience space to debate and discuss. Such self-confidence also gives them the drive to develop new and fresh ideas without fear. 


4. Open-minded

While it is good to be confident, another trait good students possess is their ability to be open-minded to new ideas. This allows them to have a holistic view on the issue at hand as well as broaden their mindset with the various perspectives presented. Being open-minded naturally gives good students the opportunity to enhance their maturity as they are able to think deeper and consider multiple factors before decision-making, a skill that takes a lot of practice. 




5. Organised

Good students are organised not just in their studies but also in their daily lives – it allows them to operate without needing to remember specific details which tend to cause brain fog and fatigue. Having specific files for subjects and folders for notes, it brings about peace when revising as they do not have to panic over losing a piece of worksheet or homework that may be essential for an upcoming test!



Remember that this list is NOT exhaustive and there are infinite habits that we can adopt to become a better student each day, no one is perfect but we can always strive to be a better version of ourselves everyday!

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