5 Habits of A Successful Student

By Ms Beverley Benita Yeo 

What are some habits that will keep us consistent in our efforts, allow us to reach our full potential and push us to achieve our goals? 


1. Study Smart 

Ever wondered why sometimes no matter how much effort we put in, we are stagnant in our grades? Personally, throughout my student career I always thought making notes was the way to go but to my dismay, it was simply not enough for my curriculum. 


Active Recall was something that helped me TREMENDOUSLY, testing myself before the actual exam itself helped me lock in all the information for my exam. Not only did it help with my ability to recall faster, it also saved me so much time because I wouldn’t need to spend HOURS doing study notes. 



2. Planning Ahead

Being able to plan your schedule ahead of time isn’t just something we need in school, but it will definitely be a helpful life skill in the future. Having a schedule allows you to have a designated time for everything, reducing the amount of stress since we know our tasks will be completed at the end of the day. 



3. Ask Questions Often 

Don’t feel afraid! I know how scary it is to constantly stop your teacher while she is teaching the class to clarify your doubts. But it is absolutely essential for us to clear any uncertainties or misconceptions before it snowballs further. Asking questions also allows your teacher to better understand where your weaknesses and strengths are, so that they are able to help you personally as well!


4. Sleep Early

Sleeping early may seem like a cliche, a nag at this point because everyone seems to harp on this habit constantly. Well, they don’t do it for no reason! Sleeping early and waking up early has been scientifically proven that it improves our memory, and knowing our education curriculum, we NEED our memory to serve us well.



5. Manage Your Study Spaces

A tidy space is a tidy mind. It is absolutely essential to make sure our subconscious is ready and at its peak performance when we study so that we can maximise the amount of information retained. If our table or the space around is messy, we may take a longer time to actually process the information at hand as we may be distracted by the untidiness around us. Wouldn’t we want to absorb the most when we have time for it?



At Learning Sphere, we have dedicated teachers to help students cultivate these successful habits! Our teachers also work closely with parents to provide timely feedback through monthly assessments and check-in. We understand that we are not expecting to see a change in the students overnight, but what we hope to achieve is a gradual improvement and students being able to better manage themselves and their time at home and in school! Whatsapp us to find out more about our programmes and classes!

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