Why are children now so different?

By Ms Beverley Benita Yeo


Have you ever wondered why the younger generation approach life so differently? 


Here are 3 reasons for you to consider! 



1. Children now are taught to speak up more


As our society gradually shifts from a conservative one to one that embraces difference, it is seen that the younger generation are encouraged to speak up, to voice their opinions. Looking at the different programmes like the Talent Development Programmes offered in various schools, they are programmes set in place to encourage students to hone their public speaking skills, their confidence levels so that they can become assertive and decisive leaders and most importantly, to fight for what they believe strongly in. These are the values Singapore is trying to inculcate in our society today, so it is unsurprising that our future generations will display the effects of such efforts. 



2. Increased exposure to the real world at a younger age


With increased technology being a necessity in our lives, it is almost impossible to separate the younger generation with the increased load of information presented to them every single day. With such an increase in information every day, the younger generation are being pushed to think more at a younger age, increasing their exposure to real world problems. This phenomenon whereby children are now made more aware of societal problems as well as issues happening all over the world, is a double edged sword. One can either be motivated to want to know more of such issues, OR one could be overwhelmed easily, feeling burnt out by the sheer amount of information they have to process each day and not having the energy to do anything else. Which side of the coin do you see more often?



3. Technology has changed the priorities of the younger generation


Similar to the point above, technology has impacted us in many different ways. Besides the increased exposure at a younger age, technology has also changed the priorities in the younger generations’ lives. Meaning to say that the focus has shifted from the conventional subjects we learn in school to more real world situations they have to learn to adapt to. While real world problems are interesting, complex and necessary, we will still have to keep in mind that while some subjects we learn may not be necessarily applicable to our daily lives, they are placed in order to stimulate our logical and critical thinking, which is essential for us in order to thrive. 


Do remember that this is NOT an exhaustive list and there are many more factors that contribute. Do let us know should you think there are other reasons why the younger generation are so different from the past! 



At Learning Sphere, we have dedicated teachers to help students cultivate these successful habits! Our teachers also work closely with parents to provide timely feedback through monthly assessments and check-in. We understand that we are not expecting to see a change in the students overnight, but what we hope to achieve is a gradual improvement and students being able to better manage themselves and their time at home and in school! Whatsapp us to find out more about our programmes and classes

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